Please Note:

Our wallpaper requires a professional installer. Your wallpaper will come with a white border that needs to be trimmed prior to installation by a professional. We suggest that you work with your installer while ordering to confirm that you’ve ordered enough paper for your project. 

We do require a 5 yard minimum for purchase and we recommend ordering an extra if you are unsure of whether your calculations are correct. 

To begin measuring for your project, we suggest a rigid tape measure for accuracy. When taking measurements of your wall, or project space, always round your measurement to the nearest half foot, or even foot, to be safe.

Measure your wall height from floor to ceiling, excluding baseboards or molding. Measure your wall length as well. Consider not deducting windows or doors from your measurement to ensure you have plenty of paper to complete your project. Take those two measurements (height and length) and multiply them to find your wall’s surface area. 

Our wallpaper is sold by the linear yard. Our wallpaper comes with a white border, which will need to be trimmed by your installer. The width and height of each are detailed on their respective pages, as are the horizontal and vertical repeats.

One roll covers approximately 6 square feet. To calculate how many rolls you will need, take your wall’s square footage (detailed in above paragraph) and divide by 6.


If your wall is 9 feet 6 inches high and 8 feet 7 inches long, you should round up and multiply 10 feet by 9 feet to get your wall’s square footage of 90 square feet. You will then divide this by 6 to get 15. 15 rolls is the amount you could purchase for your project space, however, we do recommend having some to spare in case of installation problems, so always consider getting a bit more.

If your order of rolls increases to above 50, you might consider ordering more to factor in 5-10% for errors during installation.



Wallpaper samples can be purchased on their respective product pages

Samples are 8 inches by 10 inches. If you have specific requests or any questions regarding our samples or ordering, feel free to reach out to us.



Our wallpaper typically has a production window of up to 5 weeks, plus transit. Due to attention to detail and the intricate nature of these wallcoverings, this time may vary depending on the design you’re ordering. Rush options are available for a fee of $250 per item for a 2 week production timeframe, plus transit. If you would like to find out more about a specific design’s production window, or if your order is urgent, please reach out to us for details.

Transit time for your order depends on the speed you chose at checkout. Once your order is shipped, you will be sent a notification with your tracking number and estimated delivery.

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